Unique Points

As stated on the box

New 3-D games, from easy fun to sophisticated strategy.
You can play Tik-Tak3 at different levels from very easy too very complex. Games that are too easy are no fun, and something too complex can be frustrating. With Tik-Tak3 the players, determine the fun levels. There are Tik-Tak3 game variations for every age and every ability.
Fine woods and craftmanship add value.
Play thousands of games on the same game board!
Tik-Tak3 is not just one game. You can play thousands of different games on the same game board. The triangular structures and geometrical dimensions actualized an infinite number of possibilities. Have a look at new games.
For three or more players and teams.
Tik-Tak3 is a social game because there have to be three or more players to play the basic game. Two players can play Random Tik-Tak3 or Advanced Tik-Tak3 (for 2 players), as stated on the bottom of the box. More than four players can play simultaneously. We recommend not more than six players on a single board. Players may combine two or more single boards to increase the number of players.
Ages 7 to 107. Learn to play in minutes!
Suitable for Ages 7 to 107. If you can play tic-tac-toe (noughts & crosses) you can play Tik-Tak3 (the basic game), the players simply have to add a third dimension. Children from age five can play the two-dimensional Tik-Tak3 games, from age six children begins to visualize the third dimension.
Tik-Tak3 games are available from all leading retailers!

Unique Woods and ABS Plastics

The game boards are crafted form rare woods from around the world. Each game board is therefor unique in color, grain and texture.
Kiaat Saligna Cherry
Tambotie Seringa Walnut
Cape Yellowood Mopane Ashwood
Cape Blackwood Jacaranda Red Oak
Rhodesian Teak Mahogany White Oak
Transvaalboekenhout Camphor Wood Bird's eye Maple
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Manufactured in South Africa.

E.C.S. Games, P.O. Box 21249,Protea Park, 0305, South Africa.