The Basic Tik-Tak3 Games
The object of the basic games is to position three of your beads in a straight line in any dimension, while preventing the other players from doing the same with their beads. The lines have to be straight, but can be in the horizontal, vertical and diagonal spheres on all the different levels as illustrated.
Each player selects a colour (color) and takes all the beads from the board. You decide who starts and each player then takes turns to place one bead on the board (playing in a clockwise direction) until the game is over.




Two variants on the basic game:
Game one (the most popular) involves several players competing to be the first to position three beads in a straight line.
In game two players attempt to score the most straight lines in total, the players place all the beads on the board.
Stopping the other players from finishing a straight line is an important part of the game.
If a player has 2, 3 or 4 options of completing a straight line (a double, triple or quad
Whammy), at least 2, 3 or 4 players playing before him or her must all block to prevent the player from winning.

For 3 or More Players
There have to be a minimum of 3, to play the basic game. Every game includes four sets of beads, this means up to four players can play, by adding more colours (colors) more players can play (extra beads are available in stores).
For 2 Players or Teams
Advanced Tik-Tak3 is part of the basic games, each player using two colours (colors) played in an alternating sequence, as if two-players were playing a four-player game. For example, Player 1: play red, Player 2: blue, Player 1: green and Player 2: yellow, and so on. The winning straight can be in either of your colours (colors).
More Complex
Players can make Advanced Tik-Tak
3 more complex by adding more beads. Two player using three colours (colors), as if two-players were playing a six-player game.
Alternatively players may exclude a horizontal, vertical or diagonal line from the valid lines.
Try playing in teams, teams play exactly as if there are only two players with four sets of beads (four players, two teams). Each player has a colour (color) and the players must sit in an alternating sequence. The team players may build paths for each other to win and any of them may stop the opponent's team. The first player of the team getting for example a straight line wins and so does the team. Although team members have to work together to win, a team member may not advise a team player during the game.
More teams can play by adding more beads and more boards.
Random Tik-Tak3 (For 2 or More Players and Teams)
The players put all the beads in a bag and each player draws one and places it during their turn. To win you create a straight lines of three in your colour (colors).
You can make the game more challenging by adding one or more sets of neutral beads to change the probabilities. The neutral beads can be used to assist your game or block your opponent's game, but not to win.
All 3 Domains in One Game (For the More Adventures)

A player or team can only win if they complete a horizontal, vertical and diagonal line.

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