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Frequently Asked Questions on Tik-Tak3

We played Tik-Tak3 and the starting player always wins, is this correct?
A. Correct ! There have to be three or more players to play the basic game. Two players can play Random Tik-Tak3 or Advanced Tik-Tak3 (for 2 players).
Where do the team players sit if we play teams?
A. In alternating positions, for example player 1: Green Team next to player 2: Red Team, 3: Green Team, 4: Red Team and a team member may not advise a team player during the game.
What is the maximum recommended number of players on a single board?
A. Three to four players is ideal and we recommend not more then six players on a single board. Remember players may combine two or more single boards to increase the number of players.
Can two players play Tik-Tak3 on the box it states "For three or more players or teams"?
A. Yes two can play use the Advanced Tik-Tak3 (for 2 players) rules, as stated on the bottom of the box.
The rules do not say if you can go 2, 3 or 4 beads high?
A. The playing pieces or beads fit four to a peg so players may go four beads high, as illustrated on the bottom of the box (the pegs are 4 and a ½ beads high, it is possible to go five beads high).
What is the maximum number of boards that we may combine?
A. No limit! The only limit may be in the size of the room in which you build the combined board.
Is there a limit to the number of players that can play simultaneously?
A. Infinite! You are limited only by the number of extra beads and the number of boards you have.
I have a wooden Tik-Tak3 game and wander what type of wood it is?
A. We label the wooden games on the bottom of the board.

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