Synapses on E.C.S.Games and Tik-Tak3


Designer & Philosopher

Raymond van Tonder C.E.O. Enhance Control Systems.

Our Mission
Design the Future Today
To design the future games, electronics and instrument technologies today, produce it and sell it globally. Emphasizing function and quality always keeping our resources and customers in mind

Our History

E.C.S. Games is a division of Enhance Control Systems founded in 1993. The initial objective was to develop industrial software that we expanded into the design and manufacturing of high end electronics and instruments.

We formed E.C.S. Games to manufacture fun and educational games. This emanated from the fact that mathematics and spatial perception are greatly under developed in the average human. Scientific research showed better math's development, when people were exposed to 3-D problem solving and play simulation. This opened a new dimension for E.C.S. Games!

Tik-Tak3 Materialize

Raymond designed a game back in 1982 called Astro Control, "The best strategy game in the Multiverse". However only 15% of a population can play it and only from ages twelve and up, where math's problems start from age seven and even earlier. The idea was to design a game that was easy enough for younger children, but still attract the older members of the family.

So, an easier game based on the first game Astro Control and tic-tac-toe was born called Cube3 and later called Tik-Tak3. The secret of Tik-Tak3 is in the combination of the ultra modern Astro Control and the very old tic-tac-toe (noughts & crosses). Nearly everybody in the world can play tic-tac-toe the players simply have to add a third dimension. Where the triangular strictures and geometrical dimensions from Astro Control actualized an infinite number of possibilities, a phenomenal modern and classical new game of skill or chance for multiple players was born.


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