Game Rules
Objective, position four of your beads into a Rhombus (a diamond shape) on any level or dimension, while preventing the other players or team's from constructing a Rhombus at the same time.
Every player select a color and takes all the beads from the board. The players decide who goes first and then take turns to place one bead on the board, playing in a clockwise direction until the game is over. Players also take turns to start or open a new game.
You can play in two ways:
1: The first player or team to form a Rhombus wins (the game is over).
2: The player or team with the most Rhombus shapes in total wins (uses all the beads).

As you can see there is a lot of Rhombus planes, the players can decide which one's to use or not.

For 2,3,4 or More Players and Teams
There have to be three or more players to play Rhombus. Up to 6 players can play on a single board. Two players can play by using the rules of Random or Advanced Tik-Tak3 (all variations and the more complex basic games may be played) except that the wining shape must be a Rhombus.
More Players
I'm sure you guessed it, more teams or individuals can play by adding more boards and beads.
Extreme Cognitive
All the normal rules apply except that every player or team has a different shape or pattern. For example player 1: have to build a Rhombus, player 2: a Rectangle and player 3: Rectangular Triangle and so on. Player can use the multi pattern games as a type of handicap.
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